Our state-of-the-art warehouses guarantee the perfect storage conditions for our wines.
Each of our warehouses is temperature and humidity controlled to preserve the most ideal wine aging settings.

SWITZERLAND Located in the heart of Europe, close to our headquarters in Ticino, this warehouse securely stores most of our collection.

LONDON Situated right in the middle of Europe's financial capital city, this warehouse stores top-of-the-line products making international deliveries quick and straightforward.

ВОRDEAUX Based in the world's most famed wine-producing region, this warehouse safely holds bottles that are as close as it gets to ex-chateau wines.

CHINA Strategically positioned in China, this warehouse supports the sophisticated fast-paced wine market and our clients based in Asia.

SPAIN Helping us to better serve our private clients all throughout Europe, this warehouse is part of our European subsidiary, AVU Wines.

Storage Facility

We offer a modern-day wine storage service for our clients to safely cellar their prized wine collections. Our clients can choose to store their wines at the warehouse of their choice, in Switzerland, France, Spain or the UK. Whichever warehouse you choose, rest assure that your wine will mature in optimum conditions, protected from changes in temperature, humidity, light and movement.

We also offer the option to store wines in-bond in one of our approved bonded warehouses in France, UK or Spain. When your bottles are stored 'in-bond', you don't have to pay taxes on them at all, no duty tax for importing the wines across different states or countries, and no VAT (value-added tax) calculated from the sale of the bottle. You only have to pay taxes if you

make more off your investment if you decide to sell, since collectors will usually pay a higher price for bottles that have been stored in-bond. This is because they know that the wines have been stored in the best aging conditions and more importantly, that the case hasn't been opened since leaving the winery, therefore the bottles are more likely to be authentic.

Each of AVU's warehouses offers the perfect storage facility in terms of location, offering discretion and the utmost safety, with sophisticated security systems and fire alarms. Think of our storage facilities as a safe haven for your wines, stored at the ideal aging conditions in a safe environment, which is completely insured. Our members benefit from a lower, fair storage rate.

  • How it works:
  • When you purchase wine, whether it is from us or another supplier, you can choose to have it delivered directly to one of our warehouses
  • Our expert team will carefully inspect the original packaging and the bottles
  • The wine is then gently acclimatized
  • The cases will be stored in the ideal temperature- and humidity-controlled conditions
  • You can then choose to withdraw or sell your wines at any time

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